Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Recent Hits & Misses

I have been wanting to do a lot of reviews for a long time featuring all the new beauty products that I purchased or been gifted of late. So here are 4 such products that I will be talking about. Although it will not be a full fledged review, I will try to describe my experience with these products.

Lotus Herbals AlmondNourish Daily Nourishing Body Lotion SPF20:
I like to use body lotions that have SPF in them . I was quite satisfied with the Lotus Herbals CocoaCaress Body Lotion and wanted to repurchase it. However, back at the store I could only find the Aloesoft and AlmondNourish versions. I settled for the latter. I find the moisturizer quite hydrating and softening. I use it daily and although it has not given any skin radiance as per their claim, it can manage to keep my skin soft and supple. I have weird skin type, while my face is quite oily, my body skin is comparatively dry. So I find nourishing lotions effective for my body. I always sleep with a good massage of Nivea Soft Cream and have been following this for the last 3 years. Anyways, back to this lotion, it has a light fragrance, not that overpowering which is ok with me. It does a decent job and definitely a good choice for anyone with dry skin. Priced at Rs.255 for 300ml, it is quite reasonable. However, I would still prefer the CocoaCaress lotion any time.
 Aloe Derma Natural Super Hydrating Booster: This hydrating booster made out of 99.8% Aloe Vera Juice claims to penetrate through the skin's epidermal layers and smooth fine lines and deep wrinkles. Well I have been trying this product for quite some time now and use it in the morning after cleansing my face with the Himalaya Neem Facewash and I can not really mention anything that it actually does. I don't know if anyone else is also using or has used this staff, but for me it is just a bottle of coloured water with a little bit of gel like texture that may be a little hydrating to the skin. And that's it. Rs.299. for 110ml of coloured water seemed just too much.
Allabout Hands Avocado Avocat Daily Moisture Hand Lotion: It is not any secret that I have been an avid fan of Yves Rocher and The Body Shop products. I had used The Body Shop Vitamin E Hand & Nail Cream after which I tried Yves Rocher Long Lasting Moisturizing Hand Cream and loved both ( specially the Yves Rocher one because of the price). I was in search for a good hand cream in India and found most of them to be quite expensive. Once I had visited the Faces Canada counter and found this hand lotion at flat 50% discount, i.e. 300 ml of product at Rs.275...not that bad. Well I am loving the product. It is neither too thick and nor too light. It just provides the perfect amount of moisturisation that my hand requires in the humid weather after my kitchen work. Even my husband sometimes uses it and quite likes it. Infused with avocado and almond oil it is rich in Vitamin E and provides a very good nourishment to the skin.
Figs & Rouge 100% Organic Aloe & Mint Balm:I am a little confused about my verdict on this product. I received it with the May Velvette Box and due to the extreme heat at that time it was totally melted and appeared just as a tin of hot oil. I kept it in the refrigerator and was using it rarely. I have been using it since mid June now as it has formed into a white thick sticky cream even though I am keeping it out. I apply it on my lips at night. I don't like the smell and think that it is somewhat grainy on my lips. But after sometimes the graininess disappears and I can feel the smoothness on my lips. I definitely like the result as I seldom get chapped lips nowadays. I am not sure if the graininess is a deliberate  feature provided by the company for exfoliating purpose. But it does truly exfoliate my lips to a considerable level.( please don't use it as an exfoliator.



  1. very nice review i used one time aleo derma shampoo totally waste of money if you like to check my blog

    1. Yes Raminder....it does not do anything at all...


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