Monday, September 16, 2013

How to Apply Perfect Eye Makeup

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Eyes are the reflective medium of an individual’s soul. Even when we don’t speak our eyes speak a thousand words. Every woman wants her eyes to be smouldering and bright. They use various makeup products to make the look of their eyes prim and proper. A perfect eye makeup should be such that every eye will be on your eyes. Most of the renowned makeup artists work wonders in creating magnificent eye makeup looks. Celebrities like Aishwarya Rai, Taylor Swift and Rihanna are known to sport the most trendy eye looks.
Here is a guide to apply eye makeup with perfection: 
1.       Cleanse any existing makeup: Before starting the makeup make sure that you have cleansed the skin properly. If you had put on makeup previously, you need to remove that with an eye makeup remover. Make sure there is no residue left and the skin is fresh and totally free of colours or dirt.
2.       Even Out Skin: Often the eye area is quite sensitive and can turn dark or reddish in colour you need to combat this by applying concealer and even out the complexion so that every part of your feature has the same colour. This can be done by applying 3 tiny dots under the eye and then with the help of a finger pat the colour until it gets blended to your skin. You can use a concealer brush too. Remember never to rub the concealer as it will not do its job of covering and camouflaging properly.
3.       Prime the lids: Choose an eye shadow primer and apply on the lids. This will enhance the intensity of the colour as well as make it stay for a longer time. Moreover the shadow will be prevented from creasing, fading and melting. Generally eye shadow primers are quite expensive but makeup artists suggest to invest in one and to limit the budget while buying the shadows.
4.       Apply the shadow: This is the most creative phase of your eye makeup. Here you can choose from selecting just a single colour or can blend and match with 3-4 shades for exotic looks. Intense pigments like Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows alone can create amazing looks without the need of any other shades. However, if you are going for something more fun and pop, select 3 shades and blend them well to create gorgeous statement looks.
5. Follow with eyeliner: It is best to use a thin line to accentuate the eyes if you are wearing very bright shadows. However, if you are going for a retro winged look, try to use an intense black liner that can create thick lines and give your eyes an instant makeover. Another very useful and easy way to make your eyes perky is to tight line it by lining the upper and lower waterlines. If you have small eyes and you want to make it appear bigger draw a line with a white liner across your lower waterline.
 6.  Brighten your eyes: Use a highlighter around the inner corners of the eyes to give an instant boost of freshness and glow. This will intensify the rest of the eye makeup and make your eyes look bright and sexy. Try to use the highlighter on your brow bones as well to create the best eye makeup.
7.  Work on the lashes: This is the final but the most crucial part of your eye makeup. Not every woman is blessed with thick and long lashes. But the advent of avant garde makeup comes as a solution for them. Curl the lashes with a curler. Then apply a volumising mascara to make your lashes thicker and brighter. If you think that is not enough wear false lashes.




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