Monday, September 30, 2013

My September Anniversary Vellvette Bag

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I was super-exited about the bag and was waiting eagerly for it to come. So finally today, all wait is over and here is my September Anniversary Vellvette Bag.

The bag itself is a cute red one with white polka dots. I had some idea about the staffs to be got as I had been checking other bloggers' bags. Most of their bags had an eye shadow palette, a nail/lip product and a shower gel/body lotion and a compact brush was common in all.

Now my bag contained a lovely eye shadow palette, a nail product  a shampoo. I had least expected it as I got a shampoo-conditioner in my May subscription box. Anyway I am happy with it.

I am simply in love with the Beauty UK Eye Shadow Palette No.2 in Soho. I will be swatching and reviewing it shortly. Oh my God, it has all the best pop shades of the season. Keeping in mind the upcoming Durga Puja and Diwali, this palette is just the perfect beauty product that I had been looking for. It is a full size product.

The second product is the Sally Hansen Miracle Cure for stronger nails. This is a nice product as I already use it and would have repurchased, there is no harm in receiving it. Nice one I should say. I am quite happy. This is also a full sized product.

The third product is the Organic Surge Shine Boost Shampoo. It is a 100 ml version and is meant for normal hair. I will review it for sure. I am very particular with my hair care products as I am not blessed with very good hair. Therefore the scope to experiment with hair care is very limited for me. Anyway I have to give it a try.

Then there is the Vellvette Compact Brush which is cool. I really require this for all the upcoming Pandal-hoppings for Durga Puja.

Overall, this is just something that one can expect before an upcoming festival. Thank you so much Vellvette for the products.  Stay tuned for the reviews and if you want to shop this bag today is the last day. So grab it here.



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