Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My 5 Top Favourite Halloween Looks

It has been almost 2 years since I am blogging and I have never spoken about Halloween. But this time since I am into a little bit of makeup looks, I have become quite interested in Halloween Looks. Here is a list of 5 Looks that I like a lot.

1. Bloody Mary

This is a popular urban lore where it is said that if a girl stands in front of a mirror in a room alone and calls "Bloody Mary"for sometimes, the image of Bloody Mary appears on the mirror. Well everyone knows this. 


She is my ultimate dream thoughts? Well as a child I wanted to be her, of course after watching Michelle Pleiffer on screen. And I know many may disagree but for me  she was the best for the role. 

3. Poison Ivy

I love this beautiful mean woman.The re hair, the green costume and the sexy evil smile....nothing can beat that. 

4. Vampire

When as a kid I read the picture book of Dracula, the image of Lucy turning into a deadly vampire haunted me. So, this is the best look that can be achieved on Halloween without much effort.

5. Scary Doll

Last but not the least a scary and deadly doll makeover is sure going to make a mark. You can get the Chucky look or a Japanese doll look. Imagination knows no bounds here.

So how do you plan to dress this Halloween. I will reveal mine shortly.

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