Friday, October 25, 2013

NOTD: Ombre Nails

Ombre nails have been recently spotted on almost all fashionistas. There are thousands of tutorials and videos on this rage in YouTube and blogs. I recently tried this trend. It has not come out very perfect but still I don't think it was that bad.

So what is it?

Ombre Nail refers to a type of manicure where a gradient effect is created with the help of 2 or more colours. It can be of the same family or from completely different colour families.

What do you require?

1. A nail strengthening product
2. A base coat (either white or flesh toned)
3. At least 2 nail paints that are not dry.
4. A wet sponge that has been strained of water but should be wet from inside, so that the nail paints get soaked.
5. A nail Paint Remover
7. Top Coat 
What I used?
1. Sally Hansen No More Breaks Natural Nail Strengthener
2. Etude Power Lasting Nail Colour in White for the Base
3. Piggy Polish Nail Lacquer in Keep it Teal, Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel in Cupid, Maybelline New York Color Show nail Polish in Mint Mojito
4. A wet sponge from Hema
5. Etude Nail Paint Remover
6. Q-Tip
7. Maybelline New York Express Finish Transparent Brilliant base for Top Coat.
How I did?
First I used the Sally Hansen nail strengtnener on my nails. Then I used the white colour from Etude to make my base. This is done so that the effect of the colour that you want to put next are prominent. Then I made a horizontal line on the sponge with the teal colour from Piggy Polish. I repeated with the pink colour from Revlon and lime green one from Maybelline. Then I placed the sponge on my nail and pressed lightly. This is where you can put your own creative ideas to work and you can make your own designs. Don't worry if the surrounding areas get messy. Repeat the process if you want the colours to be bright. You need to do the same thing with all the other nails. It can be quite a task... but believe me it is worth the toil. Once you have got the way you desired your nail art to be, start cleaning up the surroundings of your nails which have got stained with a Q-tip dipped in Nail Remover. When everything is tidy and your Ombre nail art has dried, finish off with a top coat. I used the one from Maybelline.
I know it may not have ended as the best of nail art. However, I learnt a new procedure and shared it with you all.


  1. awesome..beautiful <3<3
    love it..

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