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Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing System Review

Recently I have been to the Elizabeth Arden store and purchased few makeup items. I went through a lot of skin care products there and the SA was very helpful in giving information as well as letting me try most of those. 

She gave me samples of their Visible Difference Skin Balancing range for Combination skin. She was kind enough to supply me with enough samples that would let me test the products at least for 15 days. Post Navratri, my skin has become quite dull and lack lustre, may be due to the use of excessive makeup. So I wanted a proper skin care regime that can improve my skin tone and complexion.Well, I have used the products for 7 days straight and the difference is so noticeable that I thought I would share the experience with you guys.

The Kit:

The entire range that was given to me consist of a cleanser, a serum and a moisturizer. The range has a toner too which I had tried at the store but it is not included in the sample kit.

      Elizabeth Arden Skin Balancing Exfoliating Cleanser:

This is the first product to be used from the system. It is a cleanser with very gentle texture. It has white grains that get absorbed into the skin while soaking all impurities and dirt. Most of the exfoliating cleansers that I had used before were quite harsh and often left red marks on my skin. This product is so different. I am sure it will suit sensitive skin types as well. The cleanser is white in colour and smells just like a baby product. You need a very little amount for your entire face. Once you rinse the product with water, the skin is left very soft. I love the product. It is so perfect for my skin. I had used the L'Oreal Hydrafresh Face Wash before which also was very good. However, this should be my best pick so far.

Elizabeth Arden Optimizing Skin Serum:

The next step of the system consists of the serum. Serum happens to be my favourite product in my skin care regime. I want them to be maximum effective as generally they are the costliest. This serum is a milky potion that hydrates your skin without leaving it greasy. I found the serum good. However, I cannot rank it as one of my best picks as all it does is to give a decently hydrated face without being shiny and greasy. Now that's what a lot of serum do. You can read it here. Definitely you can give it a try if you think that there are no serums that can handle your combination skin. For me, I can skip it.

Elizabeth Arden Skin Balancing Lotion with SPF 15

The 3rd and final step of the system is the moisturizer with sunscreen SPF 15. This is a really good product. Anyone with oily combination skin will find it very hydrating and balancing. It takes some time to get absorbed into the skin.But when it gets absorbed it leaves the skin feeling fresh, hydrated and supple. The white fluid is pretty flowing. I love the consistency as it is not very rich but still emollient. The moisturizers that I had been using before were all good but I felt I needed a change and this product was a refreshing one.

                           My Take:

After using this product straight for 7 days, there was such a visible difference in my skin's texture that I had never experienced before. Although I have spoken about the products individually and stated their pros and cons, it is for sure, that the combined system along with the cleanser, serum and moisturizer is truly beneficial, specially for someone with combination skin like me. I can feel how soft and supple my skin has become. I will definitely purchase the full sized amount of the products, specially the cleanser and moisturizer. When the SA applied the toner at the store, I could feel how soft and glowing it immediately turned my skin. So I will definitely try the toner too. Overall verdict is that this is a very effective skin care system and will definitely benefit in the skin's improvement.

                       Moisturizer Application

                                               After Immediate Application

                                                               After 40 Seconds


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