Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fruitfrappe Body & Hair Spritz Review

I am always complaining about my hair. I have got extremely dry and frizzy hair. Generally I wash my hair either every alternate day or once in every 2 days. The days when I dont wash my hair, it becomes quite dry. I use serums but I needed a product that hydrates my hair on the go. 

Once I had been to the Faces Cosmetics store and came across the Fruitfrappe Body & Hair Spritz. There are altogether 4 varieties out of which I selected the Grapefruit with Gooseberry flavour.

Price: Rs 399/

Packaging: It is a wonderful pink coloured bottle with a spritz spray option. The liquid inside is also pink in colour. It smells heavenly and sweet as a real fruit. 

Company Claims: Wow yourself with this innovative product...a gel that comes out as a fabulously-fragranced spritz!
Non-drying formula,great for hair. Carry in your purse for fresh pick me up.

My Experience: I love the product and it is the exact product that I have been looking for. I had been using a hair spritz from L'Oreal Professional range. I wanted something a less pricey and that can be used anytime. And here I got what I wanted. It relly softens my unruly strands. What I do is, I spray it on my hair and then apply a serum. It works wonders. As I had been using it quite often, it got over pretty soon. In between it was not available in the Faces Cosmetics counter. However, recently when I went there a week back, I saw they are back. I got the Pear with Mangosteen flavour this time. It smells like a green-apple flavoured soap my mother used to get for me when I was a kid.

Rating: This is a product that came to my hand right when I needed it and it is doing full justice to my hair. I give it a 4.75/5.

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