Saturday, November 23, 2013

Home Spa Exfoliation & Nourishment with Christian Dior Bikini Exfoliator & Body Cream System

This is my first post for the Winter Special feature, although I have included the winter makeup and jewelry trend posts under this feature, those were written before the feature was started. 

Today I will be sharing my views on my very own Home Spa system. Here are 2 very unique products that I use for treating my body on a weekly basis and I assure you it can really save your bucks as you dont have to opt for expensive spa treatments.

Christian Dior Perfumes has some selective ranges of products that mainly concentrates on fragranced products including perfumes, shower gels, body lotions and deodorants.These 2 products are from this line.

Dior Bikini Perfecting Scrub Softening Body Oil Exfoliator:

A baby tube full of bay pink coloured exfoliating agents that can soften your skin and leave it smelling just great does it sound? This exfoliating oil becomes a soft, velvety milk on contact with water.

It can be used once or twice a week. Use it under the shower or in the bath and massage into the skin with circular motions. It sloughs away dead skin cells and reveals a newer and glowing skin. The fragrance is amazing. Your skin feels smooth and soft and reflects a refreshing glow. After only 2 weeks of usage, the skin's texture is improvised. The skin feels toned and revitalized. Sounds too good to be true? But mark my words. 
P.S. Make sure to rinse it off thoroughly from your body.

Dior Bikini Nutri Diffusion Intense Nourishing Body Cream:

This is the nourishing part of the home-spa where the skin is treated for super hydration. The white tube is filled with a somewhat light yellow coloured liquid that feels quite greasy on skin. At first look you may dislike the product. It is a richly nourishing skincare that penetrates instantly and allows you to dress immediately-that is what Dior has to say. However my advice would be to let it give some time to get absorbed into the skin.

The skin remains hydrated throughout the day, without reapplication of any moisturizer. It is said to boost the skin's collagen synthesis. I cant tell you that, what I can tell you is that it really gives super hydration to the skin and an unparalleled radiance too. Not only does your skin feel luxurious, it also glows like a million bucks. It is fragrance-free so the scent of the exfoliator will still linger throughout the day.

Price: Since the set was a gift, I will not be able to tell the exact amount but individually the exfoliator is around 26 Euros (Rs.2240/ approx) and the Body Cream is 29 Euros(Rs 2500/approx). Well obviously it is quite pricey but is'nt that the amount you require in the spa for a single day. These products are going to last for a long time as you require a very small amount and every week can turn into a spa-visit.

But one last note, it is better to skip the system during hot summer days.

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