Thursday, November 28, 2013

Inglot AMC Lip Paint Pots Review, Swatches & Application

Inglot stores attract me whenever I pass them. They are so colourful and loaded with hoard of bright shades of lip, eye and cheek shades. The best buy from Inglot are the 4 Lip Paints from their AMC range. Today I will be reviewing them.

There are overall 20 shades in this range and I have selected the brightest 4 of them. 

Price: Rs.750/-

Packaging: I love potted lip balms and glosses. This product comes in a transparent jar and from outside you can see the exact colour of the product. There is a black cap. The packaging is simple.

 Product: Vitamin E and Inglot’s smoothing and repairing complex smooths, moisturizes and repairs the lips while biomimetric peptide stimulates collagen synthesis giving a 3D ultra shiny gloss effect.

The Shades:

Shade 62: It is a light plum coloured paint that looks almost like a lilac shade on my lips.

Shade 50: It is a nude-orangish shade.

Shade 64: It is a bright berry shade

Shade 67: It is a hot Fuchsia shade

The most important thing to notice about the product is their softening properties. The lips feel nourished and soft.  Application with your finger can be quite messy, as the colours are quite pigmented. It is better to use a lip brush for smoother and fuss-free application. The product can be greasy and you can expect stray away hair strands to get stuck to your lips. Yuuuk!!! But true. Anyway, most lip glosses are like that. The shades are just mind-blowing. The rich pigments make them set in as the exact colour on the lips. This is a plus for me as my lips are naturally quite pigmented and light shades often do not show on my lips unless I apply some concealer. It has a beautiful shine and looks gorgeous on the lips.The product does not stay for long. One glass of water and you will be left with hardly any colour on the lips. So regular touch-up is required. Since the colours are so intense and high shined, they can be suitable for weddings, functions or some special events. However, the lack of staying power can be a big disadvantage. The colours are so attractive; you hardly require any other makeup.

From L to R: Inglot AMc Lip Paints in 62,50,64,67
1.  Bright shades
2.  Pigmented
3.  Soft for lips
4.  High Shone
5.  Vitamin E

1.  Greasy
2.  Does not stay for long time


Inglot AMC Lip Paint Shade 62
Inglot AMC Lip Paint Shade 50
Inglot AMC Lip Paint Shade 64
Inglot AMC Lip Paint Shade 67
These colours are amazing and very bright. If you love shiny glossy and bright lips, these are definitely for you, provided you are ready to reapply and retouch often.


  1. Love these pretty shade, they all look so great on you, especially no 67.

    1. Thanks so much Sam...thats my favourite of the lot too!!

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