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Maybelline 24 Hr Color Tattoo Eye Shadow Review, Swatches & EOTD

Hey all this is another post from our winter special feature. I love to do bright and gorgeous makeup during winter. Humid summer days wont allow you to put on a lot of colours on your face, specially eye shadows as it may wear off. Winters are meant for bright makeup.

Today I will be sharing my views on the very popular Maybelline 24 Hr Color Tattoo Shadows. I have got 2 of them, Pomegranate Punk and Fierce & Tangy.

Price: Rs 350

Packaging: The packaging is cool. It comes in a small transparent pot and you can see the product from outside. The cap is black in colour where all the details about the product is mentioned.

The Shades: The shadows are said to be formulated with ink-technology that can create tattoo tenacity and 24 Hr lasting intensity. It can create super saturated eye colours.

Pomegranate Punk: It is one of the richest eye shade I have ever seen. I loved the colour immediately while checking out at the counter. It is a very deep plum shade with some shimmers. The colour spreads quite smoothly on the skin and you dont need a brush to spread and blend it. It is suitable for gorgeous eye looks, and can be blended out for subtle eye looks as well. As it can easily fit into your purse, it is quite useful for immediate makeovers. I use this shade a lot nowadays, specially since  the Navaratri-Diwali times. It really gives an intense makeup look and lasts very long, looks fabulous on the eyes. These type of shades look great on any complexion. 

Fierce & Tangy: This colour is funky and bright. It is more of a summer colour and can be used for bright eye makeups. It is a tangy orange shade that appears amazing inside the pot. I feel the colour does not show its brightness and looses the intensity once it is applied on the skin. It may suit very fair to light complexions. However, it can be used in conjecture with a deep shade for dramatic eye looks. Another thing that I have noticed is that the colour does not spread evenly on the skin unlike the Pomegranate Punk one. This colour was a bit disappointing. I wish I would have chosen another intense colour from the 8 options. 

1. Nice range of shades
2. Pomegranate Punk is very intense
3. Great for festive and glamorous looks
4. Doesnt require brush to apply
5. Can be carried easily
6. Suitable for instant makeovers
7. The dark shade is suitable for all complexions
8. Stays for a long time

1. Fierce & Tangy shade looses intensity on skin
2. The light shade is not suitable for medium skin-toned and dusky beauties
3. Some may find the price a bit high

Rating: This is tricky. I just loved the Pomegranate Punk shade, so I will give it a 4.75/5. But Fierce & Tangy gets a 3.5/5 from me. 

EOTD with Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hr Shades Pomegranate Punk & Fierce & Tangy
I would recommend these shadows to everyone, specially if you are looking for instant dramatic makeovers. There are 8 gorgeous shades to choose from. But be very careful while selecting the colour and choose the one that will actually suit your needs. I am eyeing for the Edgy Emerald and Audacious Asphalt shades next.


  1. They are both so lovely - I've been using Pomegranate all autumn and absolutely love it! Xx


    1. Yes, Pomegranate Punk is my most favourite eye shadow now!!

  2. Lovely pictures and review. The shades look good on you :)

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  3. The colours look really interesting and pretty

  4. I have to say that even if I'm a neutral-toned eyeshadow lover I really like that bright orange color! *_*

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    1. Yes the Fierce & Tangy shade is quite fast selling


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