Saturday, November 16, 2013

Maybelline Superstay 14 Hr Lipstick

There was a time when I loved to buy only lip glosses or lipsticks with rather glossy finish. But now I prefer colours that are long lasting, bold and matte. Intense colours attract me and what can be better than the Maybelline Superstay 14 Hr Lipsticks? I love most of the colours available from the range and I own 3 of them.

Price: Rs 525

Packaging: The packaging is quite cool with a white cap and a body that is exactly the same shade that of the lipstick.

Eternal Rose: This is perhaps one of the most popular colours. It is a bright pink with a bit of reddish tint. It is very rich and vibrant but not shocking. I love the colour as bright pinks, berries and shades from this category generally suit me. I am always open to bright colours.
Infinitely Fuchsia: This is a real hot fuchsia that really looks striking on the lips. If you are to wear it, make sure that it is the highlighted part of your makeup. Suitable for ultimate glamorous looks, this shade can bring out the Diva in you.
Always Plum: This shade is very intense and deep. Unlike the other 2 colours this colour is not so bright. It can look quite good as a part of office makeup. The best thing is this shade can be sported by women of any complexion. However, I felt this was the least good match for me as my lips are naturally quite pigmented. I have seen generally Colours with a hint of pink, coral or berry are the best for me.

The Feel: The colours are rich, long staying and mildly scented. However, the brand claims of 14 hours stay is a bit too high. It can survive a decent day with some sips and mild food intakes. However, with a major meal and lot of sips the colour disappears. You can see the stains getting transferred to the glass while you sip your coffee. The texture is quite soft and non-drying. You cannot compare the non-drying power with other higher brand lipsticks though. But as a drugstore product it is the best of its kind.

. Rich colours
. Decent staying power
. Soothing smell
. Soft
. Many colours

1.  Can be drying
2.  Not 14 hours staying power
3.  Steep Price

           From Down to Up: Eternal Rose, Infinitely Fuchsia, Always Plum

Rating: 4/5
I will be trying the Stay with me Coral Shade soon.

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