Sunday, November 24, 2013

Nivea Caramel Cream Lip Butter Review

Winters are harsh for the skin, specially areas like lips, elbows etc. tend to get dry and flaky. A chapped lip never looks good even with the brightest of lip shades.

Nivea has come for the rescue with the introduction of lip butters. Today I will be reviewing about the Caramel Cream lip butter from Nivea.

Price: Rs.189

The Product: It is a lip butter that hydrates the lips and soothes dryness.

Packaging: I love the cream coloured tin packaging. I love creams in tins. It looks very vintage and is also easy to use than a jar, from where you have to kind of dig out the product. The plane surface of the tin enables you to just sweep out the product with your index. The cute pictures of caramel blocks on the tin is also very tempting.

My Experience: It smells so very sweet. I am always searching for products with chocolate, caramel, vanilla or nutty smells. This is obviously a great pick for me. The butter is light cream coloured and is very soft in texture. Once you apply on the lips it immediately soothes dryness and makes it soft and supple. It is said to contain Shea and almond oil that gives a soft and well-moisturized lips. Once you open the tin lid you see a smooth cream that looks so plane and yummy you dont want to ruin it. Anyway a girl gotta use her lip balms,and not keep it forever!! The important thing is unlike other lip balms, this one really keeps the lips soft and hydrated for a long time. I have tried food, water, coffee with it on my lips and still the lips remain well hydrated. The small 16.7gm tin can be easily carried inside a purse or even in your pocket. 

Very moisturizing
Gives long time hydration
Smells delicious
Makes lips soft
Can be carried easily
Nice tin packaging
Great as a lip softener before makeup

You have to always use your fingers to apply
May feel a bit greasy during summers

Rating: 4.25/5

I will definitely recommend this product to everyone during winter time.It is one of the best lip care products if you are looking for a quality lip butter in an affordable price. I will not say that there are no other better products in the market, but at this price? I am definite no.

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