Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Vichy Purete Thermal One-Step Cleanser Review

I love lazy and cozy winter nights. I cant wait to jump into bed and get inside the soft blanket. So although I put on a lot of makeup during this time, taking them off gives me headache. That is why I love to use fuss free cleansing staffs like wipes and cleansing waters, where you dont have to rush to rinse off the staff with cold running tap water!! However, here is a product from Vichy Lab that not only cleanses the skin thoroughly but also takes off your makeup with efficiency. 

Vichy Purete Thermal One-Step Cleanser is a 3-in-1 product that works as a Cleansing milk, toner and eye makeup remover. It is meant for Normal to Sensitive skin. 

Price: Rs.890/-

Packaging: It comes in a cool white tube with a dark blue cap. The nice diagram of splash of water gives it a very refreshing look.

Experience: It is my go to cleanser during winter nights. Although I dont have sensitive skin, it works for me quite well. The white frothy liquid can be spread evenly on the skin and wiped off with a cotton ball. You will see the results when your cotton ball will hold all the stains, and your face will remain dirt free. The product is not that non-greasy. It somewhat leaves a creamy feeling on the skin, even after wiping with a cotton ball. So I prefer to moisten my cotton ball a little before wiping it. This works well for me. 

As for makeup cleansing I would not say it can compete with a proper makeup remover. I would always prefer my Mac Cleanse-Off Oil when I am wearing very intense colours. But it does a decent job and can very well cleanse off subtle and regular wear makeup. The product is fragrance free and paraben free and leaves your skin soft and supple. You dont need a toner and can directly apply a moisturizer instead. 

1. Paraben free
2. Leaves skin soft
3. Can remove moderate makeup
4. No water required
5. Easy to use
6. Suitable for sensitive and dry skin
7. People with oily/combination skin can try during winter

1. Can feel greasy after wiping
2. Not sufficient to remove intense makeup
3. Not suitable for very oily skin

Rating: 4.25/5

I would definitely recommended this product for sensitive skin and dry skin types. For beauties with oily and combination skin, you can try this during winter but make sure you use a wet tissue or moist cotton pad while wiping.

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