Wednesday, December 18, 2013

5 Minutes No-Makeup Look with Unconventional Products

Today I wanted to do a different type of look with some unconventional products, perhaps we will not think to use them in day to day life to do our makeup. Some of them are multi-purpose, and some typical skincare creams. And I have used these creams to get a natural glow.

The products used:

1.First I prepped my already moisturized skin with the Vivel Perfect Glow Multi Layer Skin tone Perfector(Read the reviews here)
2.Then I used a product I have been seeing an ad for along time, the Glam Up Instant Glow Cream.
3. The next product I used was The Body Shop Lily Cole Lip & Cheek Dome in Pink Shade as a blush. It is a very pretty pink and gives a natural flush to the cheeks


1.The only product I used was the Christian Dior Multi-Touch Tint for Eyes, Cheeks & Lips. It is a pretty copper bronze shade and just perfect for Indian skin tones.


1. For the lips I used The Body Shop Lily Cole Lip & Cheek Dome in the Peach Shade. It is a very sheer shade and not at all suitable for pigmented lips like mine. I patted the colour with my finger on the lips.
2. I used the Transparent part of a  dual Lip Gloss from Elf Cosmetics on top and it looked quite natural

And thats all..

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