Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fragrances for Me, Myself & Him

I love winters in India. This is the time where I can wear a lot of makeup, colourful jackets and of course wear the most exotic fragrances. Summers for me includes a lot of aquatic and fresh scents, while winters are for woody and more vibrant ones. How would my winter shopping be complete without including a few fragrances in my kitty? And if I am getting one, how can I leave the man?

So, last Sunday I purchased 2 fragrances - Louis Armand Alter Ego Power for the man and Louis Armand Talisman D'Amour for myself.

Louis Armand Alter Ego Power:

The Alter Ego Power Perfume is ideal for a man who wants to be noticed wherever they go. Rich and warm, this perfume is perfect for a romantic evening with your beloved. 

Price: Rs.1300/- (Rs.525 after discount)

Packaging: The packaging is very robust and suit a men's perfume. The bottle is transparent and flat in appearance with only the cap and the base being a flat oval shape. The cap is black with a thin golden buckle at the area of the neck. There is a nice hologram at the back side of the bottle. Overall I think the packaging is quite attractive.

My Man's Experience: He likes the fragrance but says it is not for everyday use.He feels the scent is very strong at first when sprayed but does not have a lingering effect. The fragrance mellows down later and stays as a pleasantly light scent throughout the day. He still prefers his Jovan Musk for everyday use and CK Eternity or Carolina Herrera 212 for occasions.

My Notes:It indeed smelt very strong when sprayed but I dont know how it smelt afterwards as I dont go to office with him ;-). It has top notes of Lavender & lemon, heart has the notes of orange & pepper and the base has cedarwood & patchouli. Starting with citrus floral notes, it moves into the heart with a more spicy aroma and then ends with a more woody tone.

Rating: 3.75/5

Strong floral notes in men's fragrances do not really appeal me. I would not repurchase the product( he agreed ). However, if someone likes these kind of scents, then it is a good value for money, specially if you buy from online shops like

Louis Armand Talisman D'Amour:

A fine blend of light florals, heart-warming spice, deep musk and dark woody scents, the Eau de Parfum is perfect to add mystery to your aura. The perfume is carefully created with a sparkling aroma that will lead you into the night, lasting long after the party is over and done with.

Price:Rs 1000( Rs.599 after discount)

Packaging: Truly, the outer cover is nothing to be excited about. It is a shiny copper-wine cover with touches of gold. The shape is very square and somewhat stout. But nce you open it, here comes a truly feminine bottle with the lovely champagne coloured fragrance inside and the cute orange diamond shaped cap. The only not-so-good feature is the brown joint at the neck, very unlikely.

My Notes: I loved the perfume as it was something I was exactly looking for. A little exotic and strong scent, that I can wear during the cold winter evenings.It opens with spicy & fruity notes of Coriander, Wild berries, Plum, Orange blossom.The heart is a harmony of different floral notes like rose,carnation & tuberose, while the base is marked with woody aromas of sandalwood,amber & musk.

Rating: 4.25/5

I would recommend this perfume to everyone who wants some strong fragrance to bring out the Holiday mood. It is very affordable and totally worth the money I paid, specially as I have purchased from

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