Monday, December 2, 2013

Vaseline Essential Moisture Cocoa Radiant Rich Feeling Lotion Review

The versatile Body lotion range has actually 4 versions for Indian market. The most suitable for winters is genuinely the Cocoa Radiant Rich Feeling Lotion. Today I will be reviewing it.

Vaseline Essential Moisture Cocoa Radiant Rich Feeling Lotion is said to be Enriched with pure cocoa butter extract and Stratys3 multi-layer moisture, this gives a rich feeling for healthy glowing skin.

Price: Rs 260 for 400ml

Packaging: It comes in a copper brown colour bottle with the typical Vaseline body lotion curved shape. The flip cover is chocolate brown in colour. The image of cocoa pods on the bottle is quite tempting, specially for girls like me who love their skin care products to be chocolaty, buttery or nutty smelled.

The Product: When you squeeze the bottle a creamy buttery coloured thick liquid with a brownish tint comes out that smells so much like a cake. It reminds you of Christmas and celebrations.

My Experience: I am in absolute love with the lotion. It is perfect to heal dry skin during winter. It gives a smooth feeling to the skin and leaves it soft and super-nourished.

I absolutely adore the smell which leaves its mark for a long time. However, I would have loved if it would have some SPF properties like the Lotus Cocoabutter Body Lotion.

It is better to avoid applying it if you want to keep your arms or legs bare during day time. You may end up getting an unwanted tan. About its radiance claim, I am not so sure that it gives any kind of extra glow to the skin. It is an excellent moisturizer suitable for dry weathers. Summers are a no no for this.

1.Superior moisturizing properties
2.Smells great
3.Value for money
4.Leaves skin soft and nourished
5.Heals dryness and cracked skin
6.Skin stay hydrated for a long time

1.No SPF
2.Not suitable for hot humid weather
3.Can tan skin under sun
4.Does not give radiant skin as claimed


I would recommend this lotion to beauties who suffer from dry skin during winters. It can be an excellent night time moisturizer for the cold winter nights.


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