Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bad Customer Service at Stores

Girls, today I wanted to discuss if anyone of your have ever encountered rude behaviour at any reputed beauty/ clothing/ accessory store? I have experienced few instances where the service of the SAs have been very rude/weird. 

It came to me mind to raise the issue, as the reputed brands should know that this is a competitive market and if today I am not liking your service, I have thousands of other options too.

Today, I went for shopping and after buying some nick knacks for the house, went to the The Body Shop store. There was a rack which caught my attention as it was mentioned 50% discount. I was checking the Body Butters and suddenly the SA came and asked if she could help me. I chose the Vanilla Body Butter and asked for the exact price as the price on the tester read Rs.1095 and on the other tubs were Rs.1295. She informed me that the discount will be applicable on the latter. There was a basket full of cute small makeup items like eye shadow, lipsticks lip balms and when I approached that basket she said every thing was at 50% discount. As I was going through the shades and was checking a teal eye shadow, she snatched it from me and walked back to the counter. Before I could say anything she started billing. She did not even bother to ask if I am going to take anything else (I was still holding the body butter and she didnt even ask if I am taking that also)  I went to the counter and then she said that the eye shadow is at 25% discount. I refused to purchase it and made her cancel the bill. This is utterly rude and annoying. TBS should know that we have lots of Indian brands now who are coming up with equally amazing bath & body products. So better be good at the service you provide.

I dont have any grudge against the brand, neither am I promoting any rival brand. I love their products and even experienced very good service from other stores, specially in Bangalore and Leuven. 

Another horrible experience which I could never understand was with a MAC store in Kolkata. I selected the Petting Pink Tinted Lip Conditioner and some other stuffs.Ater completing the billing, the SA gave me the bag and the bill. I was putting the change inside my wallet, when she asked me to return the bag. I thought she might want to recheck something and gave it to her. I did not understand what exactly she did, and did not even bother to recheck the products. But when I returned home, I found that instead of the Petting Pink shade, there was the Plum Perfect. That means when she took the bag from me she exchanged the product without my knowledge and without telling me. Unfortunately, that very night I had to travel and so did not get time to return to the store and inquire. This was a long time back and still now, I do not understand the reason of this weird behaviour. Again MAC store at Bangalore was an amazing experience everytime I used to visit. The SAs there are so helpful and really make you feel special.

Another store where I have received very good customer care was at Inglot store in Kolkata. These guys were really really helpful and sweet. Other stores that I can think of with quality service are Clinique, Colorbar, The Nature's Co., Estee Lauder, Dior, Faces. Most of the counters have SAs who are generally very sweet spoken. Generally the SAs from Revlon and Maybelline stores are nice.  Some of the high end brands like Dior, Estee Lauder and Lancome actually have their SAs calling the customers and rechecking about the experience with the products. This is something I love. Feedback is an important part of customer service.

Have anyone of you ever faced these kind of situations? Please share in the comments. When when we as customers are being sweet to them, we can expect the same from them too.

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