Friday, January 3, 2014

#DoveFaceTest Dove with Some Love

As we approached towards a new year, I decided to visit my hometown, back in West Bengal. The last days of the year, spent with family and near ones is something everyone wishes. So I went there and visited my cousins who are my best friends too.

We spent hours chit-chatting, snacking and reminiscing the past days that we used to be together and had visited so many places. My cousin who is much younger to me, laughed out after hearing what she did when all of us went to an amusement park, when she was quite small. She just refused to come out of the merry-go-round there and spent almost the entire day on it. Even ice creams and wafers could not make her stray from her decision.

Then was the fun game part and I wanted them to take the Dove Guessing Game Challenge. So they did take part in the Dove Face Test, and I was just spellbound to see how easily I could make out the difference on both their faces. They loved taking the test too and just adored the Dove Beauty Bar.

So here was my story of #DoveFaceTest and thanks to Dove Beauty Bar to get an opportunity to catch up with my best friends and going back in time.

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