Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dressale Giveaway Cancelled

Guys first of all, I would apologize to you all, as I did not do proper research before accepting the proposal of cooperation with Dressale.com. I know the Giveaway is supposed to end tomorrow. However, now, after repeated warning from well-wishing readers and also reading reviews about them through other bloggers, I came to know that they are actually into tricking people by giving only $30 certificate on a purchase of minimum $200. Now this is ridiculous. Because as far the Giveaway details they shared, there is going to be a prize of $200 for the winner. I have sent mails to them to confirm the prize. But they are not responding. A lot of bloggers have cancelled their giveaways and discontinued their association with the website. In this situation, I am forced to do the same. This is a harsh learning for me and from now on wards, I am surely going to double-check before accepting such offers.

I hope all the lovely readers, who have participated and given their valuable time would want me to do the same now and will stay away from Dressale.com

Thank you & love you all for your co-operation.

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