Sunday, January 5, 2014

Glam-Up Powder Cream Review

Recently whenever I switch on TV, I see one advertisement very often. It is of the Glam-Up Powder Cream. They position it as a substitute to makeup, whenever you want to look special. So I searched for it at all the supermarkets, cosmetic stores nearby but no one had seemed to heard about it. Then one day as I went to buy a pillow case at the market nearby, I came across a small store stuffed with all "Desi Cosmetics" and my search came to an end.

Price: Rs.150 You can buy here

Packaging: It comes in a Red cardboard cover with silver inscriptions. The tube is also made with the same colour combination only with a black cap. It has a narrow nozzle mouth.

Brand Claims: Glam-Up glides on your face like your most beloved cream, yet provides the finish of an elegant face powder. Its both, a cream and a powder, yet neither because of its own unique formula in a Powder Cream.
Glam-Up's light weight formula gives you a balance and even skintone, smooth texture with intense moisture, protection from sun damage and the result; you look fresh and radiant.

The Product: The product is a very light pink coloured cream, very thin in texture.

My Experience: The first thing to notice in the cream is its awkward smell. It smells very cheap and almost like the scented erasers we used to love way back in school. I love the fact that it has a narrow nozzle-like mouth which allows a very small quantity of product to be squeezed. The texture of the cream is very light which is good. However, it takes some time to spread evenly as it almost immediately takes its powdery form when applied. When the product is spread evenly the skin feels very smooth and soft. It looks glowing too. I love the way it works on my skin, making it glow naturally. However, I feel it can be a little grayish for dusky beauties. I wish it has SPF in it. It works like a good fairness or brightening cream, but do not use it as a moisturizer, as it is not that hydrating. Overall it is a decent product at the price.

1. Affordable
2. Not-greasy
3. Attractive Packaging
4. Travel-friendly
5. Makes skin smooth
6. Adds a natural glow to the skin

1. Weird smell
2. No SPF
3. Not suitable for dusky complexions
4. Not hydrating
6. Limited availability

Rating: 4/5

The Glam-Up Powder Cream is a fairly decent product to get an instant glow and can suffice as a makeup substitute for girls who are not fond of using heavy makeup everyday. However, the effect is very subtle so do not expect a miraculous makeover.

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