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How to Remove Waterproof Makeup from Clothes

This is a guest post by Surf Excel, as they want to share their useful tips on removing stubborn stains of waterproof makeup from our favourite dresses.

Waterproof makeup is great – swim, wash, or cry as much as you like, and that stuff will not come off! However, while this long-lasting quality is good for makeup on the face, it’s a nightmare when it gets on your clothes. If you’ve ever tried to remove waterproof makeup with water, then you’ll know it just doesn’t work, so just how do you remove these smudges from your clothes?

What Makes Makeup Waterproof?

Most makeup contains small amounts of lubricating ingredients, such as waxes, oils, and fats, to help moisturize the skin and keep the makeup looking great all day (which is why some oil-free makeups can really dry your face out). The waterproof varieties contain higher levels of these substances - so much so that they’re unaffected by water. L’Oreal Paris’ Kajal Magique, Maybelline Falsies, and Kryolan HD Skinliner have all been reviewed on Indian Beauty Maniac, and all state that they’re completely waterproof. So let’s see what’s in them! Kajal Magique contains cocoa butter and olive oil, Falsies contains beeswax, and the HD Skinliner contains Phenoxyethanol (an oily liquid commonly used in cosmetics). These ingredients are what make our favorite cosmetics immune to water.

Why is it Notoriously Difficult to Remove?

Waterproof makeup is a nuisance to get out of clothes (and off your face!) because oils, fats, and waxes don’t mix with water. If you try to remove these stains with plain old H2O, the water will simply sit on the surface, rather than absorbing into the fibers. The trick is to use products that are designed to cut through grease. Makeup removers, for example, often contain solvents such as alcohol (you’ll often see the word ‘Butanediol’ – an alcohol – on the list of ingredients), which break down oily particles. You need to use something similar for your clothing.

What Options do I Have?

You have loads of options for removing those pesky waterproof makeup stains from your clothes! Whether you’re a fan of good old laundry detergent or wish to try alternative methods, here are some excellent ways to get your clothes looking like new:

Laundry Detergent
High quality laundry detergents are well known for their ability to remove greasy stains. For very small stains, you should see success by simply popping your clothing in the washing machine with your favorite detergent. However, for larger stains, apply a small amount of liquid detergent directly to the stain (if you use a powdered detergent, make it into a thick paste with a little cold water) and massage it into the fibers. Leave for 10 minutes before washing as normal.

Dishwashing Soap
Dishwashing soap is specifically designed to power through greasy stains left by fried and oily foods, so it has no trouble sorting out a bit of makeup! As with the laundry detergent, apply a small amount and massage it into the fibers to soften the stain. Wash as normal in your machine.

If you’re dealing with delicate garments, such as wools or valuable family heirlooms, shampoo is ideal! Choose a shampoo designed for children as these products are much gentler so they won’t ruin your clothes. Rub the shampoo in and leave for a few minutes to allow it to get to work and breakdown the oils. Wash as normal in the machine (on a gentle or hand wash setting for delicate garments!). Shampoo is, of course, designed to tackle greasy hair, so it’s a really good choice.

Kitchen Oil
This method may seem bizarre, but it really does work! If the stain has completely dried, you can add a small amount of kitchen oil (preferably vegetable or olive oil – something without a strong odor) and massage it in to moisten the stain. Once the stain is wet, it becomes much easier to remove. Using a blunt object, such as a spoon, gently scrape as much of the makeup off your clothes before popping it into the washing machine.

Waterproof makeup doesn’t need to be scary! Even if you can’t apply mascara without finding it all over your shirt sleeves, don’t worry! Although it’s waterproof, it’s no match for us! Just use these methods above and you’ll have clean clothes in no 

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