Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lakme Lip Love Conditioner Review & Application

I am  very fond of MAC Tinted Lip Conditioners that I have already reviewed here. However, the very high price often wanted me to seek for other more affordable options and here I found out something with Lakme Lip Love Conditioner. I was so surprised to see such a great product in such affordable price, I got all 4 of them. See Haul here.

Price: Rs.225

Packaging: It comes in a lovely pot with a transparent body and shiny red cap. As you open the cap you can see the product placed in a heart-shaped form.

The Product: Maintaining healthy lips while making them look luscious and beautiful becomes easier with this wonderful lip conditioner from Lakme. This is formulated with shea butter and jojoba oil that protect your lips drying and chapping. SPF 12 present in this lip balm prevents your lips from the harmful effects of UV rays and other environmental activities.High shine polymers give a sheer finish to your lips adding a nice shine to them. It conditions your lips by balancing its moisture and PH level and thus protects your lips from drying.

My Experience: I love the packaging. The heart shape in which the product is set, is quite cute and innovative. What I dont like is that the product shade name is not mentioned anywhere on the packaging and only the plastic wrap has a sticker on it with the product shade. I had to take off that sticker and paste on the cap to identify the shade. The conditioner is very tender on the lips and makes them soft. The presence of Shea Butter, Jojoba and SPF 12 is also a plus point. I love the sheer finish it gives with a decent cute tint. The colour does not stay for a long time but the lips remain soft.

The Shades:

Charmer: It is the most subtle shade of the lot. It is a very light peach colour and  gives out very less pigment on my already pigmented lips. But however, I love the effect of it, as I get a very soft and glossy lips.

Siren: It is a cute coral shade that is a little intense. While applied on the lips, it gives a very lovely coral tint. I absolutely adore it. I feel this is the shade that suits me best.

Hottie: It is a bright hot pink shade that looks very pretty on the lips. I love how it shines and feels on my lips. This is another colour that goes well on my pouts.

Flirt: This is a coral pink shade that gives a pleasant colour on the lips. However, I am not sure if there was a problem with the product, it forms small granules and settles into the lines of my lips. Unlike the other shades it does not blend evenly. I am not a great fan.

1. Very affordable
2. Nice shades
3. Gives pretty tints on lips
4. Makes lips soft
5. Contains Shea butter & Jojoba
6. Has SPF 12
7. Lovely Packaging
8. Easy to carry

1. Discontinued now
2. Some shades can be very sheer on pigmented lips
3. Some beauties can find the pot packaging unhygienic
4. Colour does not stay for a long time

Rating: 4.5/5

I simply love the Lakme Lip Love Conditioner and wonder why has it been discontinued by the brand. This was a very good product that could fit everyone's budget. I wish they again launch it back and would recommend to all.

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