Saturday, January 4, 2014

Nude Tips: My Latest Fancy

We all love to paint our nails with different colours-red, pink, purple, fuchsia. Lately there have been a rise in pop and bright shades of nail paints. Every brand is coming up with their range of bright nail paint shades. I have purchased, got and used many of these bright shades. But suddenly got a bit bored by the brightness.

I was going through my nail polish collections, and I came across a bottle of old nail polish that I purchased back in Belgium. It is the Claire's Chip Resistant Nail Polish in a cute nude shade.

I remembered how much I had loved that shade when I purchased it from the Claire's store in Leuven. It costed me 1.5 Euro as I got it in 50% discount. This was the only nail polish that I got while moving to India.  So this cute nude polish is the most loved shade of mine currently.

After Single Coat Appplication

After Two Coats

What is your current hot favourite shade? Share with me.

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