Friday, January 3, 2014

Recharge your Hair & have Breakfast at Tiffany's

Every one lust after luscious glossy hair. So do I. I am not blessed with very lustrous locks, so I need to take very good care of them. 

I need to recharge my hair for the sake of travelling. Asian women face the problem of hair fall in Europe, and I need to recharge my hair while travelling throughout the continent. The awesome life-like celebrity wax figures in London are so tempting to be photographed with. I need to recharge my hair to get photographed perfectly sitting beside the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn and having my Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Travelling recharges my life, and my hair if dull and shabby will not go well while I am walking through the grand Shanzelize in Paris. So I need to recharge my hair to get to be photographed in front of the Versace store.

I need to recharge my hair to get recharged all the time, no matter how small it may sound, may be just to be photographed with the cycle.

This is my entry to the Recharge your Hair Contest & warm thanks to for giving this wonderful opportunity.

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