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Top 10 Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings in the World

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Engagement is a beautiful ceremony where 2 individuals vow to plunge into an eternal world of togetherness. This pious ceremony is marked by the exchange of rings with the would-be brides & grooms. This engagement ring is always special in everyone’s hearts as it symbolizes the eternal relationship they are about to get into. The significance of an engagement ring is immense, as the spherical shape depicts the infinity of the relationship and the metal body the power of love. The stone at the centre speaks about the lady love’s worth. The richest of the rich does not shy away from investing a fortune on their engagement rings and make them historical pieces that onlookers can cherish down the time. Here are some of the most expensive engagement rings that have been gifted by the rich and powerful on their engagement day:

1. Asscher-Cut Krupp Diamond Engagement Ring:  This huge 33.19 carat diamond ring was gifted by Richard Burton to the eternal beauty Elizabeth Taylor. It is a huge stone with quite large cut facet.  Certified as a Type lla diamond, it is known as the most chemically pure type of rare piece that has outstanding optical transparency. It was auctioned at $8.8 million at Christie’s in 2011 and went to possession of an unknown Asian collector.

2. Loraine Schwartz Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring: This ring placed on a platinum split base was gifted by rapper and music Moghul Jay Z to pop star Beyonce Knowles during their engagement. Their much talked about engagement was also famous for this rare specimen of excellent craftsmanship. The 18 carat flawless diamond has an Octagon cut shape and was designed by Lorraine Schwartz. It is a certified exceptional piece with internal clarity and precious stone and valued at $5 million.

3. Gold Diamond-Encrusted Engagement Ring:  A rare piece of jewellery that was gifted too hotel heiress Paris Hilton from Paris Latsis comes at no.3 in the list. The 24-carat white gold ring was decorated with a huge diamond that was flanked by two triangle cut baguettes. The ring was auctioned later at $4.7 million by Paris Hilton for Katrina Hurricane victims when their relationship was called off. The ring was so massive it is said that Paris complained about getting her finger hurt by its weight.

4. Cartier Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: This ring was gifted by Prince Rainier III of Monaco to the lovely Grace Kelly on their engagement day. The lovely and precious ring matched perfectly with the enchanting beauty of Grace perfectly at that time.The beautiful piece of artistry from the House of Cartier had a 10.47 carat emerald cut centre that was surrounded by two exotic diamond baguettes. Valued at $4.06 million this ring makes its entry at no.4 in the list.

5. Nail Lane Blue Diamond Engagement Ring: This lovely ring is highlighted by a centrally placed dazzling diamond. The 8.5 carat stone is placed in a step like fashion on delicate metal. This stunning piece of jewellery was designed by celebrity jeweller Neil Lane and was gifted to sensational Latin pop star Jennifer Lopez by her ex-husband Marc Anthony. Known for her love for blings, this diamond priced at a whopping $4 million is considered to be Jennifer’s most prized possession.

6. Graff Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring: When business Moghul Donald Trump got engaged to the lovely Melania Knauss, their engagement was marked by a lavish gift from the Multi-zillionaire to the beauty. That was this fabulous 15 carat emerald-cut diamond ring. This exotic beauty was set on a platinum basket frame was purchased from the House of Graff in London, which is known for their expensive and rare items. The $3 million ring is flanked by leaf-like motifs around the stone.

7. Lesotho III Diamond Engagement Ring: This stunning ring was a gift to Jacqueline Onassis from her second husband Aristotle Onasis on their engagement. This ring was cut from a rare 601-carat rough diamond that was found in South Africa. It was amongst the 16 other cuts from that rare stone and Jackie had only worn it twice in her lifetime. In the center an emerald.Rest of the time this $2.6 million lovely ring remained inside a New York Bank vault.

8. Fred Leighton Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring: This ring was gifted by veteran actor Michael Douglas to her lovely English wife Catherine Zeta Jones. Like their much-hyped wedding, this ring also has a history of its own. It is a vintage piece which has a 10 carat diamond set horizontally on the delicate metal. The marquise shaped stone is surrounded by 28 small diamonds and gives a feel of the 1920s. Priced at $2.5 million this ring undoubtedly fits into no.7 in the list.

9. Argyle Jewellers Pink Pear-cut Engagement Ring: Pink is pretty, pink is precious and pink is pure love. This cute piece of art from Argyle Jewellers was a gift from Latin singing star Enrique Iglesias to the lovely tennis player Anna Kournikova. This 11 carat natural pear-cut diamond looks delicious with its lovely pink colour sparkling in the centre. The pink diamond is bound by two Trillion stones on both the sides and looks sophisticated and unique.

10. Garrard 18-carat Blue Sapphire White Diamond Engagement Ring: This ring was gifted as a token of love to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton from Prince Williams on their engagement day.  The history behind this valuable piece of art is that William’s mother Princess Diana was gifted with the same by her husband Prince Charles of Wales on their engagement day. The rare ring adorned by a blue oval shaped sapphire in the centre is fringed by tiny diamonds surrounding it. It was priced around $45,000 in 1981. Although it was nothing exceptional, it made its place for being a priceless piece of jewelry.

So these are some of the rarest of rare pieces of rings gifted by the Who’s who of the world to their Fianc├ęs’ on their engagement day. These exotic pieces of precious gems will always be marked in history with golden ink and will be eyed by any collector time and again. Many of these couples have broken their marriage or have ended their relationship, many have passed away, but the legend of these lavish rings will still go on forever.


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