Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blind Test of Love Long Hair Care Range

Monday as soon as I returned home in the evening, I found a pretty big package waiting for me. I was a little surprised as I have not ordered anything. When I opened the envelope & bubble wrapper, what I found out was equally astonishing.

In front of me was a lovely white box with artistic image of a lady with long black tresses- a unique combination of white, black and green. Written on the box are 3 words-" Love Long Hair". I got an idea that it must be something for the hair, so I was wandering what the product is and what is the brand?

So I opened the box and what I saw was more startling...

Well, well, shampoos & conditioners seem to be showering on me from the sky this month. Jokes apart, I was really taken aback to find a pair of this hair care twins. Placed beautifully inside the box was a shampoo & a conditioner. And to top my excitement there was no brand mentioned anywhere on the products as well. Instead  they love to call themselves Love Long Hair. A Blind Test!! Huh!!

I am very very excited to try out this Love Long Hair range of hair care. I am sure I will be using it today. Definitely I will be updating you guys about how it performs on my hair. So, what message this brand has given?

Wow, I can't wait to use both the shampoo that promises to make my hair strong & shiny & a  conditioner that will detangle my hair. This Love Long Hair brand will make me love my long hair, which I had wished for so many years. How good can it get?

An't you guys eager to know more about it? I will let you know about it within a few days of use :-) Meanwhile stay tuned.

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