Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lilac Eyes with Peachy Pink Lips Makeup Tutorial

Hi cuties, today I am showing a makeup look I would have adopted for Valentine's Day. It is a simple Lilac eyes and Peachy Pink Lips look.

Products Used:

Sweethearts Technic Makeup palette

Park Avenue Lipsticks No.s 6 & 7

Eye Makeup: I used the Cream Foundation from the palette to conceal any dark circles and also applied it on my lids before applying the makeup. The concealer is a bit lighter than my actual skin tone and act as an excellent base for eye makeup.

I applied the No.1 shade on my entire lid. Then took the No.2 shade and applied from the middle of the lids to the outer corners with soft strokes. Then I took the No.3 shade and applied it from the crease to the outer corners of the eyes. I blended all the colours together with a blending brush. Then again taking the shade No.1 I applied on the brow bone area and the inner corners of the eyes. Then I applied the shade No.4 on the middle of the lids with soft pat. Again I took the blending brush and blended all the shades softly to create a lilac shade. To finish off, I took a thin angled brush and applied the shade No.5 to line both the lash lines. Then with a smudge brush I smudged the lines to give a softer look.

Face Makeup: I applied the cream foundation from the palette on my face. My skin has been behaving bad recently and the tips of my nose and under eye areas are getting dry easily. So I mixed 2 drops of Nyasa Cold Pressed Avocado Oil. It has made the application very easy and smooth. I would suggest using a damp sponge or blender to get a dewy finish. Then I took the powder foundation from the palette and applied to set the foundation. The powder foundation is way to light for my complexion so I used a fluffy brush to make it blend properly. I finished the face with the bright pink blush from the palette. The colour is a hot pink that when blended properly gives a nice glow to fair/wheatish complexion.

Lips: I applied the Park Avenue Lipstick No.6 on the upper lips and No.7 on the lower lips. No. 6 is a warm peachy shade and No.7 is a cute pink. I pressed my lips and the colours blended together to form a peachy pink hue.

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