Friday, February 28, 2014

Me & My Hair #DovePlay

Not dark as the night, not deep as the sea, nor it is soft as silk, but it is mine. I may not find time to take care of it, I may not give it enough grooming, but still it is mine. When I see others with curly, wavy and poker straight ones, shiny, lovely and always lively, I say to myself I wish I had too. When I see others colouring it, styling it or tying it, I wish I could too.

But it suffers from breakage and fall, so I am scared to experiment with it. Still sometimes, I wish if I could. Then again I think, how bad it may be for it.

I wish I could also make it look better, thicker and livelier. I wish I could also style it and colour it the way others do.

#DovePlay now boosts confidence in women like me to play around and experiment in different ways with the hair. I would definitely want to be able to play around with it now, my hair.

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