Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Park Avenue Cosmic NV Lipsticks Swatches & Application

Park Avenue is a Belgian drugstore makeup brand only available in Di stores. They have very affordable makeup products and specially good for eye shadows, lipsticks and Nail polishes. Here is a link to their website. The lipsticks are priced at 2-3 Euros.

I used to stock their eye shadows and lipsticks the most. Today I will be reviewing and swatching 4 of their lipsticks from the Cosmic NV Range.

Park Avenue Cosmic NV Lipstick No.3

It is a frosty light pink colour. It looks good only when you apply heavy eye makeup, else the face looks quite washed out. The texture of the product is very creamy and it does not at all dry your lips. A great product for such a price.I love the fact that although the colour is quite lighter than my natural pigment of lips, it can provide a decent coverage. This is very uncommon with other frosted lipsticks.

 Park Avenue Cosmic NV Lipstick No.6

It is a warm peach colour that provides a pretty coverage on the lips. I had used the colour in my Tuesday's makeup here. I like the very creamy texture of the product.

Park Avenue Cosmic NV Lipstick No.7

This is a very pretty pink shade, again very creamy in texture. This shade suits me well and it can be  used for everyday makeup looks.

Park Avenue Cosmic NV Lipstick No.10

This is my favourite shade from the brand. It is a beautiful warm pink that will suit any complexion. I think it complements my skin tone better than the other shades.

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