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15 Spring-Summer Fashion Trends-What are the fashion trends that people will go Hyper about this 2014?

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This Spring-Summer is all about comfortable yet chic fashion. Here are some of the hottest trending styles that have been showcased in the runways around the world.

                                                             1.Crop Tops/Jackets

Crops are here to stay for a while, be it in a form of a jacket or top. You can try any design or prints on crop tops. Wear it with a pair of trousers or full-length skirt, it just rocks. Tone down the tummy to flaunt this style on perfect abs.

2. Pretty Pastels

What is summer without those lovely soothing pastel shades? This season also pastels are in all shapes and forms. Try out a suit or a jeans in pastel shade and pair them with some funky accessories.

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3. Sheer

Sheer is cool, sheer is fun. Try out sheer fabric in chiffons, mesh, nets  during this summer for an ultra-cool effect. Just make sure that you do not keep it too sheer to look indecent. 

4.  Collar Button Downs

Love your collared buttoned blouses and shirts? It is the time to sport them. You can actually go for layering option by wearing a spaghetti top inside.

5. Wide Legged Trousers

Remember those old movies from the 70's where the lovely doe-eyed heroine wears these very wide trousers. Well, doe-eyed or not, we can actually flaunt the same style this season and can pair it with our regular shirts for office-wear.

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6. Iridescence

Holographics are just the perfect wear for parties this time. If you are too shy to sport so much shine, flaunt the style with an iridescence clutch or heels. If you are bold enough to wear an outfit keep your accessories in basic shades.

7. Graphic

Black and white-the evergreen combination that is loved by all is so popular this time. Instead of the basic combination try to sport the colours with graphic and Aztec prints. It looks uber-cool. Try to play on with some colourful accessories or makeup.

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8. Full Tea-Length Skirts

Go retro with this style from the 50s & 60s. Lovely full bodied wide skirts are so trendy and you can actually wear it anywhere- to office, to parties, to informal events. Caution, try to cut down a little on those extra bulges at your waist.

9. Fringe

Go girly with lots of fringes on your outfits. Like the Cowboy Ponchos? Why not try the style with a cool fringed shrug? Be sure to keep rest of the outfit plain and simple.

10. Sweater Dressing

Knits and Spring-summer sound alien? Well, not any more as this season you can flaunt lovely light knitwears around too. Sounds impossible? Use a knitted scarf instead.

11. Embellished Details

Love to bedazzle everyone? Well this is your time. Stone-embellished outfits are the rage this season. Try out a gown or a dress with the adequate amount of embellishments. If you are not a person who is definite about the style, try to impart it only on the cuffs or collars.

12. Athletics

Show your athletic side by wearing outfits that brings out the sportsperson in you. A track pant styled pair of trousers, a tennis skirt or a racer vest, anything will look cool. Just keep the accessories a bit girly to balance the look.

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13. Suits

Good news for girls who want to move around in formal wear. Suits are here this time, like never before. Take out your favourite linen suits and get going.

14.  Florals

Which girl does not like the floral print dresses. Go floral frenzy this season and apply on every possible outfit.

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15. Collarless Coats

A streamlined coat with no collars or lapel-yes that is what will be hot for the summer. Layer over your favourite embellished dress or floral blouse.

So, here are the 15 hottest fashion trends of Spring-Summer 2014.  For more check out Hypercity's social links below:

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