Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cousins & Gifts

Hey my beauties, did I ever tell you that I grew up with my cousins. We were as close as own sisters and still we are so much in touch, though we stay in different parts of the world. So it happened  within the last 1 month that my cousin who stays in Singapore had visited me. Then within a week or so, my uncle who is the father of my other cousin visited from Canada. I wish she could also come!! So there were lot of stuffs from Singapore & Canada for me.

Here are some pictures you would love

Oh my God, yes I know its just cool. Thanks to my lovely lovely cousins for these awesome gifts. Actually there was this superb Soap & Glory Pink Lip Gloss too which I have misplaced. It is there in any of my bags may be... I will definitely update this post once I get that.

You have liked the makeup items I guess..its all about shimmers. So, anybody wants a shimmery makeup look next on the blog? May be a celeb inspired one, as some of you had asked for? Let me know.

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