Thursday, March 13, 2014

Glimpses from Day 1 at Lakme Fashion Week

So, here I am giving a brief review of the whole day yesterday from the day 1 of Lakme Fashion Week. I am officially covering this year. So detailed glimpses from most of the shows will be up on Triveni Times

Anyway, the 1st show was the GenNext Show by INIFD. Young designers showcased their talents with nice wearable outfits. Notable names from the show were Divya Seth, Chandni Mohan & Ujjwal Dubey.

Then there was the shows by DRVV, Huemn, Sneha Arora and Soup by Sougat Paul. This was a riot of colours with bolds pairing up creams & whites.

Then came the show that everyone was waiting for with Valliyan by Nitya Arora, Nikhil Thampi & Nishka Lulla. This show proved why these designers are so popular among the young and happening. Sequins, stone-studded jewelries, Rose Gold embellishments and sheer earth-toned fabrics ruled the charts.

The other show was the one featuring Digvijay Singh & Vaishali S. The collection was all about bold patterns. Tribals, North-East, Board Games-everything was incorporated pairing with cottons and silks. And of course a touch of Bollywood with handsome actor Ali Fazl turning in as the showstopper for the equally handsome Singh.

Some random clicks from the event

My favourite was of course the brilliant Nikhil Thampi. I also liked Soup by Sougat Paul.

Hope you have liked the brief report. As already said for details you need to check out Triveni Times in future. So stay tuned for the report from rest of the 4 days too.

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