Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Picking Up on Pigmentation: FaceCare for the Miss India in You

This is an article in response to the ongoing FaceCare for the Miss India in You Contest powered by Neutrogena, conducted by for the upcoming Miss India 2014 Pageant.

Pigmentation is the discoloration of skin by external or internal effects. Pigmentation caused by external effects include long time sun exposure, excessive use of tanning products or the use of wrong products for skin. Skin gets its colour from melanin and due to external hazards the melanin production gets affected and causes pigmentation on the skin.Pigmentation can appear quite unpleasant and generally take time to get cured. So it is always advisable to prevent pigmentation.

If your skin is prone to get sun-burns and discoloration, it is better that you start using some products specifically designed to combat these problems.

Try to use a cleanser that purifies and brightens your skin adequately. A cleanser infused with elements like Vitamin C and Soya can be good for the skin’s overall health as well as its appearance. It should effectively remove dirt and dead skin cells with care to make skin glowing and smooth.

A toner starts working where a cleanser stops. A cleanser or face wash alone cannot clean all the dirty residues off your skin. Here comes the toner. To combat pigmentation, a toner that has special ingredients to lighten the dark spots on your skin, by making it supple and hydrated is essentially required.  It leaves a replenishing effect to the skin.

A simple Cleansing, toning & moisturizing routine is not enough to give you an ethereal glow, without any dark spots or unevenness. You need something extra to achieve a luminous spotless skin and here comes serums that are highly concentrated with penetrating formula that delivers from within the cells to give a uniform skin tone.

Indian summers are very hot and humid. However, one cannot skip the moisturizer, so what you need is a mattifying moisturizer with adequate SPF properties that can prevent you from getting sunburns and also works wonders on the already existing spots and unevenness. A light textured lotion with a lightening effect that protects you from sun-light; do you need more?

These are some simple rules to follow to prevent pigmentation or to cure it. Following these steps can assure a lovely illuminating skin for a long time.

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