Thursday, March 6, 2014

Testing Love Long Hair Range

Hey my lovely readers, remember I have talked about a surprise hair care range delivery on my doorsteps for a Blind Test of a brand who love to call themselves "Love Long Hair".

Here it is and I have already used the shampoo & conditioner twice on my hair. It just feels awesome. I love how my hair has become soft and shiny. I am loving to touch my hair as it feels very silky and smooth.

The shampoo has a nice fragrance and is white and creamy in texture. A very small amount is required for the hair to wash thoroughly. After immediate rinsing the hair becomes really smooth.

The conditioner is again white smells very fresh. I kept it for a minute or so and then rinsed it off. My hair became smoother and later it was easier for me for combing.

So far I am loving the Love Long Hair range and can not wait to use it again. I will definitely get back to you after a few for usage. Meanwhile check my first post on the shampoo & conditioner of the "Love Long Hair" brand.


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