Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Valentine's Day Look Contest Winners

My lovely readers and contestants, here is the D-Day when I announce the results of the contest. Thank you all for participating and I must say you all have done such a good job that I had a tough time in selecting the winner. However, There has to be only 1 winner who gets the declared price for being the most creative and versatile. 
However girls, its not winner but winners this time.Seeing so much of amazing entries, I decided to be a bit flexible and though there will be only 1 winner who gets the grand prize, I have chosen 3 more girls who will win a Makeup Palette each for being extremely creative.

But sweethearts, thats not all, as I am really happy with the entries, I have decided that:

2 more girls will win a mono eyeshadow each from Faces Canada for creating stunning eye looks.

2 girls will win a lipstick each for being simple yet cool. 

So no one goes disappointed this time from Beauty & Beyond.

Here's the contestant who wins:

A Meylon Paris Cream Eyeshadow Palette
A Miss Claire Eyeshadow-Blusher Palette
2 Faces Mono Eyeshadows
1 Faces Eye Pencil
1 Moon Love Lip Liner

And she is:
    Contestant No. 2

    Simar Chugh

The contestant who wins :

A Cameo 12 Colors Eyeshadow Palette is

  Contestant No.6:
   Bonny Sikdar

The contestant who wins a:

A Beauty UK 10 colors Eyeshadow Palette is 

    Contetstant No. 1
     Shilpa Sahgal

The contestant who wins a:

A Miss Claire Eyeshadow-Blusher Palette is  

    Contestant No. 8

       Saloni Goel

The contestants who win:

 a Faces Canada mono Eyeshadow each are:

 Contestant No. 4

   Nidhi Guher
       Contestant No. 5

       Poonam Jain 

         The contestants who win:

 A Lipstick each are:

Contestant No.3

Nehal Roy
Contestant No.7

Ankita Agarwal

So, what are you waiting for girls, quickly send me your postal addresses at jhilmildsaha@yahoo.in

I will let you know once the prizes are dispatched.


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