Wednesday, April 9, 2014

5 Tips to Get Rid Of Junk Food

This is a guest post by Airene Guha, a 2014 ICSE examination candidate, who has a flair of writing on health & lifestyle related topics.

5 Tips to Get Rid Of Junk Food

Junk food, as its name suggests, IS JUNK!
Many people enjoy eating junk food, and I cannot blame them for doing so. Junk food manufacturers have mastered the art of how to create the tastiest and most delicious treats that will appeal to the taste of basically everyone. Ever wondered why those potato chips dipped in sour cream tasted so good? Or why those chocolate chip cookies seem to melt in your mouth like butter? Especially teenagers make it a part of their diet. This is because the taste buds in teens and young adults are very sensitive and crave for something yummy and delicious. As a result they develop a very unhealthy body and a bulky figure. Whatever be the reason your health comes first. Do you want to get bed-ridden when you hit your 40’s or want to be healthy and active as your parents? Well I know it’s not so easy to stop eating junk food all of a sudden. But here are some tips that will help you to get rid of junk food:

  1. Start Cooking: Many people eat fast food because they are always in a hurry and have no time to cook for themselves or rather don’t want to cook(it is called fast food for a reason). Even if you don’t have much time, try learning a few quick and easy recipes. For example if you are too much into junk food then try making fresh at home like burgers and French fries.

2. Try something alternative and tasty: If you are tired of the everyday dal-chawal then try something innovative out of this.  You can stir fry some veggies and mix the rice with it or instead of plain sabji chapatti try hakka chapatti (same as noodles-stir fry as many boiled veggies you can, cut the chapattis and mix with the veggies applying some vinegar and light soya sauce-garnish with raw salad.)

  1. Stop buying junk food: You can’t eat it as long as you don’t have it. Next time when going shopping avoid putting that packet of chips in your shopping basket, try buying some healthy food instead like fruits, yoghurts, etc.

  1. Resist: Resist going near junk food for two weeks and automatically after two weeks you’ll find yourself avoiding junk food but don’t start eating junk suddenly after two weeks. You will feel fresh and healthy.

  1. Know the consequences of eating junk: Unhealthy eating leads to obesity and obesity lead to many health problems, for example high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. 

·         Try drinking lemon water in the mornings and whenever you feel like eating junk food. This speeds up the metabolism.
·         Try avoiding going past junk food areas in supermarkets; it may tempt you to get into unhealthy eating habits again.
·         Plan meals ahead; it will make you less likely to pick up fast food and it means you can tailor your shopping list to fit. That way you know exactly what you're buying.
·         Read the label, things that you never thought would be fattening would surprise you!
·         Get rid of all the current junk food in your house.
·         This can help you lose weight, too.
·         Look for sugar free versions of your favourite drinks.

Try these few steps, keep yourself busy and distracted. This will help you to live a normal, happy, fresh and healthy living.

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