Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Weekly Skin Pampering

I love using face masks as I think nothing cleanses the skin better than a purifying face mask. So my weekly skin care routine involves few minutes of exfoliating, followed by few more minutes of pampering with a face mask. Here are 2 masks that I use currently, on alternative weeks. One mask is purifying and the other a brightening one. 

Clarins Aromatic Purifying Mask: This is an amazing mask, green in colour and freshens up the skin. The skin becomes a bit tight so it is advisable to use light moisturizer after rinsing it. Although it is meant for all types of skin, It is best for oily-combination skin. The fragrance is also pretty soothing. A few noticeable difference are shrinking of pores and clear skin. It costs approximately Rs.1900.


YSL White Mode Instant Brightening Mask: Brightening mask or Flash mask has always been my favourite for a quick skin perk up. The skin looks radiant and bright within 5-10 minutes. It is best for using before going to a special event or party. This mask from YSL is unique as you do not have to rinse it and just have to massage it. Once massaged the product gets absorbed into the skin. If you still feel some product is left, just wipe it with a tissue paper. Although this mask brightens the face quite well, I do not get the same glow that I used to get from Yves Rocher Cure Solutions Flash Mask. The mask costs Rs.1800.

Using a good mask is always very good. You can see the difference after using a face mask.

Do you use any face mask? What is your favourite?

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