Thursday, April 24, 2014

TIGI Blogger's Meet & Expert Advice from Kieron Webb

As already told on my FB page, I attended an exciting and knowledgeable event, organized by TIGI yesterday. 

The aim of the event was to make us aware of the variety of products that TIGI has to offer to us. The spokesperson present at the day was Kieron Webb from International Creative Team, TIGI whose envious client list includes celebs like Zayn Malik and Simon Fuller. Also accompanying him was Rohit from TIGI India's Creative team.

The session was quite long but exciting where Kieron started with an interesting history of how TIGI was formed and how in 2009, it tied up with Unilever. Both the experts led us through the innumerable styling and grooming products from TIGI Bed Head, TIGI Candy Fixations, B For Men and TIGI S Factor ranges.

TIGI Bed Head is the range that focuses on Youth culture. It is funky youthful and vibrant with bold and bright packaging. The categories of the range are:
  • Smoothing, Straightening, Frizz control & Shine: The star products in this category are After-Party & Headrush

  • Curl & Wave Enhancing: The star product is Foxy Curls Spray
  • Thickening & Volumizing: The star products are Small Talk & Superstar Queen for a Day

  • Texturizing: The star product is the Bed Head Stick
The Classic Bed Head Hairsprays have made a niche for themselves.
     •     The star products are Masterpiece and Rockaholic Dry Shampoo

The Grooming products like shampoo & conditioners are classified into

  •           Urban Antidotes: Available in options 1 for Re-energizing , 2 for Recovery & 3 for Resurrection

  •                        Supercharge Hair: Available in options Epic Volume, Elasticate & Recharge
  •                            Colour Care: Available in options Dumb Blonde & Colour Goddess
TIGI Candy Fixations is the range that are made of Sucrose for better hold. 

  •                    The star product is the Sugar Dust
B for Men, as the name suggests are meant for men and the packaging is also very basic and manly.

  •                    Some of the products in this range are Pure Texture & Power Play
The last and my favourite range is the S Factor which is targeted at the chic and classy who has a panache for luxury. Exquisite ingredients and addictive fragrances, without the inclusion of sulphate is what you get from S Factor.

The Haircare Range in S Factor are classified into:

  •         Repair & Nourishment: The star products are Serious Conditioner & Papaya Leave-in Moisture Spray
  •         Shine: Dream Drops is the star product
  •         Colour Protection: True Lasting Colour Hair Oil is the star product
·       The Smoothing range in S Factor includes the star product Smoothing Lusterizer

The Styling Range in S Factor include products like Vivacious Spray & Creamy Molding Wax

The fun-filled event included the very jolly Kieron cracking jokes and having fun with the bloggers. The QA session was quite interactive where each blogger asked questions and got an answer. The main knowledge gathered from the event are:

  • ·        Our hair is like a fabric which you can mould and texturize accordingly with help of products
  • ·        Overuse of styling products is not good enough
  • ·        Knowledge of products that you use is very important as survey shows most of the hair styling products we use, we use in a wrong way
  • ·        Cocktailing or layering of products to have better shine, better hold & better texture

The session ended with some photo sessions and a mouth-watering tea-snack. The bloggers got home with some nice products from TIGI and a lot of information about TIGI and hairstyling in general.

My plus was meeting up with the beautiful Vipra from ForeverMagnifo and the charming Heena from ICynosure

With the Experts:

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