Friday, April 25, 2014

W7 Lipstick in Tender Touch Review

I love pinks. No matter whatever is the trend around my eyes will always be on the pink lipsticks. Currently I came across a UK based brand W7 and shopped a few products from them. Today I will be talking about a lipstick from W7, called Tender Touch. 

Price: Rs. 400 (approx)

Packaging: The packaging is quite simple with a black cover and body with the lower end being transparent where you can see the exact shade

Product: The W7 lipstick in Tender Touch is a lovely pink that looks quite nudish but when applied gives a pretty bubble-gum pink with blue undertones. 

My Experience: I love the strong pigmentation of the product. It gives a nice colour with just a single swipe. The end result is a very cute pink. The lipstick is quite soft on the lips but could have been better.The staying power is moderate and starts fading within some hours. The lipstick has creamy finish which is great as it does not dry the lips. 

There is a tendency to get into fine lines and some flakiness. But in spite of that the W7 Lipstick in Tender Touch is really nice. There is a mild candy like fragrance that will not irritate the senses. This is the kind of pink that reminds you of Barbie, candies and dolls. There is absolutely no sheen and the colour looks very bright on the lips.

1. Cute pink
2. Creamy texture
3. Very pigmented
4. Nice fragrance
5. Nice pink for light to wheatish complexion

1. Can get into fine lines
2. Staying power is not good enough

Rating: 3.75/5

Overall this lipstick is quite decent and if you are looking for the pop pink this summer that will not have any kind of sheen to it, this shade is just perfect.

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