Monday, May 12, 2014

#DovePlay Indibloggers Meet at JW Mariott & my Dove Intense Repair Shampoo-Conditioner Love

When I saw this mail from Indiblogger a couple of weeks back I knew it is going to be a huge event. and I was not wrong.

                                 The Game chart & map

A few days back I went to JW Mariott dressed in all white, which was the theme of the event. The event was supposed to start at 3:30pm and I, being the typical Indian, ended reaching there at 4:30pm. Wherever I looked I saw only white. We were given team numbers and some map & activity chart. There were so many fun activities and I got to know the members of our team. We were 8 in all and had immense fun doing Zumba dance and sipping in some white wine.

Team No.12

Then the real game started with lots of enthusiasm and energy. We had to do hairstyling on each other, do some hoola hoola hooping, get our hair done by experts and other activities.

                     Garima & Neha with Hoola Hoops

My hair was straightened and some pink extensions was attached with a pearl band set almost as a Halo, by hair stylist Kavita.

            With Hairstylist Kavita

By the time we were done, we were so hungry and tired that the last fun activity was cancelled.

       With Garima

Then there was the Drink Making Challenge at the Pool Bar and our team member Garima made our team no.12 proud by making the Sunshine drink with gin,tomato juice, little bit of ginger and lime juice, as we were awarded with the 2nd prize of salon vouchers.

                       Its Solo Time

We had loads of fun no doubt, but only could see the face of some food at 9:30pm and the dinner was lavish and there was some entertainment for us on the stage too.

               Dance performances for us

Had fun time with Heena, Chandrima, Neha, Anushree, Garima and all others. Met  Natasha, Sayli and Dolon.

          Got back with

#DovePlay with Indibloggers was a real fun date with the girls where we all had loads of fun and hope to attend many more events like this in future.

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