Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Easy Crispy Chocolate Eclair with Walnut

Hello my cuties, After a long long time I am posting a recipe on the blog. This Sunday I tried my hands on some easy desert, without the oven. 


Butter Biscuits 150 gms
Chocolate bar 75 gms
Chocolate Spread 75 gms
Cream 100 ml
Butter 50 gms
Walnut 10 gms
Vanilla essence 

Dry Crush the butter biscuits and half portion of the walnuts in a grinder. Heat the chocolate bar in a pan and add the cream to it. Place the molten chocolate in a cake pan. Let it cool for sometime and then put it inside the freezer. Take it out after half an hour and take a butter spread knife and apply the chocolate spread generously on it. Then insert half portion of the walnuts one by one into the chocolate. Take the dry crushed biscuits & walnuts and  in a pan melt the butter. Pour the melted butter on the crushed biscuit and mix with a spoon till the mixture thickens a bit. Even if it does not thicken fully do not worry. Pour the mixture on the chocolate and spread it uniformly with your hand. Keep it inside the freezer for at least 2 -3 hours. As you take it out it forms a crispy hard chocolate. You can break and keep it inside a jar and eat whenever you want to.

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