Saturday, May 24, 2014

Maybelline Colossal Kohl in Turquoise Review

Hey my lovely ladies, here I am back with the review of the most happening eye makeup product of recent time-the Maybelline Colossal Kohl in Turquoise

The Maybelline Colossal Kohl in Turquoise is a 12 Hr smudge-proof, intense colour kohl pencil that likes like a kajal and defines like a liner.

Price: Rs.249/

Packaging: It comes in the usual yellow-black plastic & cardboard packaging of the Colossal series, with the only exception of some turquoise font. The pencil is yellow in colour with the word Colossal Kohl written in turquoise on the body.

Product: Maybelline Colossal Kohl in Turquoise is a turquoise coloured kohl liner that is very soft and easily glidable.

My Experience: The Maybelline Colossal Kohl in Turquoise is a lovely turquoise coloured kohl pencil. I love the very soft and easily glidable qualities of the product. It does not require much effort for the product to create a nice look on the eyes. 

This softness also makes it easily breakable. I love the fact that the intensity of the colour can easily be adjusted with 1 or multiple strokes of the pencil. As claimed by Maybelline I had tried the kohl on my upper eyelid and along the waterline.

 I found that liner on the upper eye lid stays well put for a good 8-9 hrs, while the kajal on the waterline stays for a decent 6-7 hours. Another noticeable thing is it never completely fades out and you can actually see a streak of the lovely turquoise blue for a very long time. 

1. Smudge-proof
2. Easily glidable
3. Superior pigmentation
4. Stays for 8-9 hours
5. Intensity is adjustible
6. Very soft & smooth

1. Easily breakable
2. 12 hours staying power is bit exaggerated

Rating: 4.5/5

Maybelline Colossal Kohl in Turquoise is a very pretty and decently pigmented kohl pencil that can double up as a kajal and a liner and can create really adorable eye makeup looks. This is a highly recommended product specially for ladies who love to add a little bit of pop-up colour on their eyes.

You can buy it at Flipkart here
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