Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Skin Care Routine with Oriflame Oxygen Boost Optimals White Range

I had updated about my skincare routine a few months back. However, the weather was not that humid and sweaty at that time and I could afford to use beauty oils and other thicker products for my skin. In short I could stick to layering skin care routine. But as it is summer now, and very sweaty, I wanted to keep my skin care routine limited to few products. And of course, as my skin is combination and tends to be quite oily during summers, I wanted specific products that would not turn my skin greasy.

Thankfully Oriflame has to offer a whole range of products that specifically address problems of combination skin. I was very excited to try the whole range of products from the Oriflame Oxygen Boost Optimals White that include :

This range not only addresses the problems of combination skin, but also checks the problems of tanning and uneven skin tone, which are the common problems of hot summers. I have been using the range for the past 4 days and will be reviewing the products one by one. 

By far, I have not faced any issues like break outs. The overall impact is quite satisfactory as I can feel that even after spending hours inside the kitchen or outside in the hot sun, my face does not get so shiny and dull.

Stay tuned for the reviews on each of the products as I feel it would be very helpful for a lot you who have similar problems like mine.

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