Thursday, May 22, 2014

Oriflame Optimals White Balancing Toner Review

I have started using the Oriflame Optimals White Range a week back, that I have talked about here. I had reviewed the Optimals White Foaming Gel a couple of days back here.

Today I will be talking about the Oriflame Optimals White Balancing Toner for Normal/Combination skin.

Price: Rs.499 for 200ml

Packaging: The Oriflame Optimals White Balancing Toner is a cute transparent bottle through which the blue liquid is visible.

Product: The toner is a very watery liquid that appears blue in the bottle but totally transparent on the hands.

My Experience: The Oriflame Optimals White Balancing Toner has a nice refreshing fragrance which i just love. You need a very little amount of the product to wipe on your entire face. I always use a cotton ball to apply toner. The face becomes very clean and soft after one swipe with a cotton. I have tried this toner after facing the hot sun without even washing my face. And it took away a lot of dirt from my face. The dullness and shine is controlled considerably. And it actually revives the skin. 

This toner actually will best work with the Oriflame Optimals White Foaming Gel. I am very satisfied with the amazing result the Foaming Gel and Balancing toner gives on my Combination skin.

1. Freshens up skin
2. Revives the skin
3. Cleanses face
4. Soothing smell
5. Controls shine

1. Has lot of chemicals

Rating: 4.5/5

The Oriflame Optimals White Balancing Toner is a great option for girls with Combination skin as it controls shine and gives the skin a wonderful freshness instantly. A must-have product.

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