Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Most Stylish Man in My Life

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His balding grey feathery strands of hair reminds me of Steve Martin. 7 years back, while I watched him busily running to and fro organizing everything with a bit of nervousness, anxiousness and some sort of sadness too, I laughed and said, “Today you really look like the father of the bride”. That was the day of my wedding and the man I am talking about is my father, the most stylish man whom I have always admired.

Since my childhood, I have never seen him in shabby clothes, unpolished shoes or unkempt hair. He has sported the most suave and stylish formal shirts that I have ever seen. His accessories are always the best and I am so fond of his style I still wear a watch that he owned once. Even, when he is at home he wears the best “Batik-printed” cotton kurtas. Although a major portion of the credit goes to my mother too.

At 70 today, this man wakes up at 4:30 am in the morning, does his yoga & goes for walk. He travels 5 hours to and fro to work and follows a strict diet regime. Being an engineer of repute, he is adept with all the latest technologies and loves to discuss with me and my husband about them. With such a busy schedule I am surprised to see how he still manages to continue with his passion for singing, and no I am not talking about ordinary singing, he actually gets invites from local organizations and clubs for performing. His casual clothing also comprises of bright T-shirts and Scottish Bonet. His wheatish yellow complexion, just like mine looks great in creams, mustard and blues and being the evergreen at heart he does not shy away from exploring with style. The best thing about my father is unlike most of his peers, he likes to accept the new without living in the past.

I would definitely want to gift my father the most stylish things in life, be it from outfits to lifestyle products to latest gadgets as he is the only person, I know would appreciate and utilize them appropriately. So here are some of the shirts that I would choose for the man whom I consider as an inspiration, a motivator and an idol:

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These shirts are stylish and colourful and are perfect for the young at heart and my father definitely is the best choice here.
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