Wednesday, May 28, 2014

W7 Super Pout Lip Gloss Review (Missie)

                                                                          By Airene Guha

Hi! Today I will present my second review and I am very happy to do so. The reason is I will be reviewing my favourite makeup product- a lip gloss. It is not just ‘a lip gloss’. It is W7 Super Pout Lip Gloss in colour Missie which is a lovely cute pink colour just perfect for young ladies.

 It promises to give a ‘one swoop volume lips’. I just loved this product. So, here is my second review which is about W7 Super Pout Lip Gloss (Missie).

W7 Super Pout Lip Gloss in shade Missie provides an intense luscious colour which stays on for 4 hours. It moisturises the lips and blends very well over the lips. It gives one swoop volume lips as the company promises.

Price: Rs 200(approx) for 8 ml.

Packaging: It comes in a transparent bottle wrapped with the brand's level which makes it look so attractive and cute.

Product: It has a lovely, bright, beautiful and cute pink shade that can go with any outfit anytime. The product moisturizes the lips very well.

My Experience: W7 Super Pout Lip Gloss (Missie) is a lovely, cute shade that hydrates and moistens the lip very well. The moisturising power stays as long as the lip gloss stays that is for 4 hours. The colour smoothly glides on the lips and blends so well giving an intense shiny and gorgeous feeling to my lips in just one swipe. It also makes the lips look smooth and crack free. As I'm very fond of lip-glosses I totally loved this colour. It stays pretty long and do not spreads. Even after drinking water, juice anything it stays on for 4 hours. It transfers a bit to the glass but that is negligible. I do not count that in any negative aspects. It is a gloss and it may transfer but that is okay. I do not find any negative aspects in this product and will love to give a 5 on 5.

The brightest and the cutest pink gloss ever seen by me.
Available at a reasonable price.
High moisturising power.
Stays pretty long.
Easy and effortless application.
Claim of one swoop volume lips is worth to be supported.
Attractive packaging.
Blends very well.


1. Transfers a bit to the glass.

Rating: 5/5.

W7 Super Pout Lip Gloss (Missie) is the cutest and the brightest pink gloss I ever had. The high moisturisation, superior blending power gives the lip a shiny and gorgeous look. It can go with any costume anytime anywhere. It adds glamour to the look and enhances the beauty. This pretty, little pink gloss is a must-have for those who have a craze on pretty lip glosses like me. I just loved the product. Hope you will love it too.

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