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Whats in Your Beauty Bag?

This is in response to the ongoing contest from brought to you by Votre, powered by Auravedic and co-sponsored by Vaadi Herbals & Sattvik Organics where I have been tagged to post about #WhatsInYourBeautyBag

What is in My Beauty Bag?

Although I generally carry an entire world of products inside my travel beauty bag, I would definitely want to narrow it down to some basic necessities due to the fact that I would like to travel light and you actually do not get so much time to invest on your beauty regime while travelling. 

My beauty bag must haves should start with a Face wash as I am very particular about cleansing my face at least 2 to 3 times a day. As I have quite oily skin a face wash that has antiseptic and anti-shine properties can be quite helpful. I cannot think of a better option than a face wash infused with the goodness of neem and tea –tree extract. So I choose the VaadiHerbals Neem Face Wash to keep my face blemish-free and clean.

Price: Rs.54

No matter how hot and humid it is outside I cannot think of going out without applying a moisturizer. The sunny days require ample protection from the harsh sunrays and a moisturizer with SPF properties is an ideal choice. I would tug the Votre White Essence Brightening DailyMoisturiser, SPF 25 inside my beauty bag.

Price: Rs. 475

A sloughing bar of soap is highly important to keep your body skin soft and to take off the dead skin cells to make it looked polished. And a refreshing fragrance of oranges are so welcome during the hot weathers. My definite choice is the Sattvik Organics Orange Scrub Exfoliating Soap that can make my skin look fresh and bright.

Price: Rs.49

Chapped and dry lips are definitely the most annoying problems that we face. External weather damage can hit directly on the lips making them dry and dark. A nice lip butter can immediately soothe this condition and brings back life to your precious pouts. The Auravedic RaspberryLip Butter is definitely a good choice to tackle dryness.

Price: Rs. 100

A girl’s beauty bag is incomplete without generous amounts of makeup items. A base makeup stick for my oily skin is necessary that can impart a natural glow without making the skin too shiny. My pick is the Maybelline Clearglow BB Stick, Radiance.

Price: Rs. 250

To make your makeup long-lasting and matte, a good pressed powder is necessary and I would choose the Maybelline Clearglow Pressed Powder.

Price: Rs. 185

A woman says a thousand words with her eyes and what can be better than kajal-adorned pair of peepers? The Maybelline Colossal Kajal in Black is an ideal product to keep inside my Beauty Bag.

Price: Rs. 149

I love bright lips with creamy sheen gives a nice look and is wearable for every occasion. I would love to include the Lakme Enrich Satins Moisturising Lip Color in 138 inside my beauty bag.

Price: Rs. 225

So, these are the #WhatsInYourBeautyBag essentials that cost below Rs.1500 and can be purchased from and can make you gorgeous in no time.


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