Wednesday, June 25, 2014

C2P Professional Makeup Lipstick in Honey Dew Review

Hope you have seen my haul from Professional Beauty India. I got the C2P Professional Makeup Lipstick in Honey Dew from there. 

About C2P Professional Makeup:

C2P Professional Makeup is an Award-winning professional makeup range from Dyana International. They have 60 shades of lipsticks.

Price: Rs.150

Packaging: C2P Professional Makeup Lipstick in Honey Dew comes in a very pretty black & silver packaging with honeycomb designs at the side

Product: The lipstick is in a peachy pink shade with extremely moisturizing texture, the kind I just love.

My Experience: C2P Professional Makeup Lipstick in Honey Dew is a lovely peachy pink shade. The texture is very moisturizing and creamy. The colour is very pigmented. My previous experience with peachy shades had not been great as mostly they get into fine lines. 

This shade neither gets into fine lines nor bleeds. The shade is so versatile it can be applied for daily looks as well as gorgeous looks. It stays for a pretty long time, almost for 4-5 hours. If you eat or drink, it will transfer but the pink stain is left. The shine may not remain but the colour stays.

1. Very pretty peachy pink
2. Creamy texture
3. Moisturizes lips
4. Colour stays for a decent time
5. Versatile colour
6. Does not bleed
7. Does not get into fine lines

1. Transfers

Rating: 4.5/5

C2P Professional Makeup Lipstick in Honey Dew is a lovely creamy lipstick that gives a very bright colour and stays for decent time.If you want a lipstick that can be used for all occasions and moisturizes your lips, you can take your pick from C2P Professional Makeup Lipstick's 60 available shades

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