Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Classic Glamour meets Modern Style with Kama Jewellery

Kama Jewellery launches Asscher, Cushion & Emerald Cut Jewellery line

One of India’s most preferred diamond jewellery manufacturer & retailer, Kama Jewellery adds another signature collection to its top-of-the-line offerings. Inspired by royalty and captivated by the uniqueness of the special cut stones, the spectacular new collection comprises radiant fancy cut jewellery that whispers of luxury and glamour. The mesmerizing collection is a result of Kama’s continued focus on introducing exciting products for discerning diamond buyers. 

Fancy shaped, specially cut diamonds have regained popularity in the recent times. Kama has created an exclusive jewellery collection featuring Asschers, Cushions & Emeralds. The signature element in each of these fancy shapes echoes modern glamour.
This celebrated collection features a range of styles from intricately detailed to elegantly refined. Each piece of jewellery spells sophistication. The new collection offers variants of the pendant sets, necklaces, rings and bracelets. You can call it a stunning rhapsody of brilliantly cut Asscher, Emerald & Cushion cut diamonds that are set in 18kt white & yellow gold to accentuate the sparkle of the stunning white & yellow diamonds. 

Kama’s Asscher cut collection is a striking new way to add a dash of glamour. What distinguishes Asscher cuts from a similar square outline of a princess cut is Asscher’s X shape, cropped corners & step-cut facets that open focus on clarity. Its strong art deco influence has found renewed interest among diamond lovers

While Asscher cuts are fancy, cushion cut diamonds have a vintage charm. They effortlessly combine square cuts with rounded corners, adding further brilliance to the stone. The stone when combined with diamond halos looks bigger and even more beautiful. Kama’s Signature collection with cushion cut centers emphasizes the rich heritage that the special cut offers. 

Designed in reverence to its namesake gemstone, the emerald cut diamond has strikingly elegant appeal. The nature of its cut, with the large top surface accentuates its clarity and flawlessness. Very different from the classic round brilliant shape, the cropped corners and an elongated shape of an Emerald cut diamond in Kama’s signature collection produces a stylish silhouette that flatters the fashionable you.

Exclusively available at the Kama Boutique in Mumbai, Kama’s new suite of jewellery with special cuts captures the beauty of each of these three shapes, each one equally stunning yet distinctively unique. 

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