Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Colorbar Steal The Show Eyeshadow Pots Palette Review

Recently I have done a pretty big haul which you can see here and the Colorbar Steal The Show Eyeshadow Pots Palette was one of the products that I bought. 

Colorbar Steal The Show Eyeshadow Pots Palette This extraordinary 18 eye shadow pot palette will enable you to create thousands of looks for all skin tones, desires, and occasions.

With Multi-Benefits like being Smudge proof and water-proof , this easily blend-able, crease and fade resistant shimmery effect eye-shadow will stay your friend for long hours.

Pick your same color family shadow shades in groups of three-one for the brow bone, one for the lid, and one to serve as liner
Using a eye shadow brush, run the lightest shade right under your eyebrow, down to the crease
Sweep the medium shade from lash line to crease, then blend with the first color
Add the darkest shade to the top lash line

Price: Rs.1500/-for 18 g

Packaging: Colorbar Steal The Show  Eyeshadow Pots Palette comes in a very attractive silver packaging, a typical of Colorbar products. The palette cover is silver in colour and the palette is black. Inside the palette is a mirror and 18 shades with a 2-sided applicator.

Product: There are 18 shimmery shades in vibrant colours. Starting from the left from top to bottom are 3 shades of pink,3 shades of orange,3 shades of purple,3 shades of green & 3 shades of gold.

My Experience: I liked the arrangement of the colours in Colorbar Steal The Show  Eyeshadow Pots Palette , like the same family of colours in a single column idea is quite cute. The shades according to me are quite pigmented and mostly pearlescent. Some of the shades are simply awesome and some are just okay. With 2 swipes the shades look quite intense. The staying power is quite decent and it does not smudge or wear off even after 4-5 hours. Of course I have not been out in a summery day wearing such pigmented shimmery shades. However, while indoors it stays for a long time. After almost 5-6 hours the colours look faded and only the shimmer stay back. The colours glide and blend easily.

Row 1

Row 2

Row 3

I remember the Store Manager at the R-City Mall Colorbar Store showed me how to get the best out of the shade, by making it wet with a little bit of water. So is everything about the palette just perfect? Well not really, I think many of the shades, specially the orange & gold ones are quite repetitive. Instead of the same shades from same family they could have included some neutral shades or a dark grey or pearl white to get more benefit from the palette. Also, it would have been great to see some matte shades in the lot, considering the whooping price of the palette.

1. Pigmented shades
2. Glides easily
3. Blends easily
4. Suitable for gorgeous looks
5. Good staying power
6. Vibrant colours

1. Expensive
2. No Neutral shades
3. Repetitive colours

Rating: 3.75/5

I would recommend the Colorbar Steal The Show  Eyeshadow Pots Palette to beauties who are in search of a decently pigmented shimmer palette with vibrant colours. All the colours are suitable for party-wear or gorgeous makeovers and it can be a good investment for your wedding makeup.

You can buy it at Nykaa.com here

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